Official opening of the Curries Fountain exhibition, a history of non racialism in varied activities

@ the 1860 Heritage Centre, 2 JUNE 2018, 2pm

curries invite

In conversation with Swaminathan Gounden 1st May, 2018



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PRESS RELEASE: About the Family Day Event                                                     

After the honeymoon period of democracy, South Africa finds itself at exciting times in creating monuments and museums that finally honour previously marginalized citizens. Places like the Constitutional Court, the Apartheid Museum, the District Six Museum and the 1860 Heritage Museum commemorate exciting spaces where new narratives of our South African history are being celebrated. To celebrate our story in a unique and novel way, The 1860 Heritage Centre hopes to host our inaugural FAMILY DAY. Please do visit our website: or visit our facebook page to gauge the work we do.

We hope to spend time together as families in educating our children about our rich South African Heritage. This day will provide a perfect opportunity in getting people to visit the various exhibitions at the 1860 Heritage Centre while also experiencing a fun filled family day.

The 1860 Heritage Centre Family Day on 8 APRIL 2018 (SUNDAY) will be one of the calendar events every year. This Family Day will form part of the 1860 Heritage Centre’s fund raising initiatives. Our Centre is a non-profit organisation that receives a small grant from the KZN Dept. of Arts and Culture to cover operational costs. All the Centre’s exhibitions and extra mural functions are funded from outside revenue, with the Family day being one of our fund raising initiatives. Guided Tours of the Centre will also be done at sheduled times during the day

This event will include different food stalls, food demonstrations by local cuisine specialists, cultural garments, jewellery, jungle gym and face paintings for the kiddies, Mendhi Artists, Astrology, thunee competition and entertainment among other items. LOTUS FM will broadcast the event from the 1860 Heritage Centre.

Your support in celebrating our heritage will be highly appreciated.


COMMEMORATION SYMPOSIUM on THE FORMAL ABOLITION OF INDENTURE held on the 4 November 2017, 8.30am to 3.30pm at the 1860 Heritage Museum.

The system of indenture enforced by the British Empire in the 19th century resulted in the displacement of some 3.5 million Indians to various British colonies, such as Fiji, British Guiana, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Mauritius, and South Africa. The year – 2017 – marks 100 years since the Viceroy of India in 1917 announced that “No native of India shall depart by sea out of British India for the purpose of or with the intention of labouring for hire in any country beyond the limits of India”.

The 1860 Heritage Museum hosted a ONE-DAY SYMPOSIUM to give critical consideration to the significance of this important milestone in our collective history. We envisage that the presentations will, in due course, be collated into a published book. In addition to academics delivering papers on the topic of Indian indenture, this Inaugural Symposium has developed the museum into an important space for critical deliberations of different aspects of our past, as we forge a common society in the present and the future.

end of indenture

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Nation Building and Social Cohesion Community Programme

Held at the 1860 Heritage Centre on 4th December 2017. Pictured is Selvan Naidoo, Mr Swaminathan Gounden, Mr Teddy Francis and Mr Krish Gokool. Mr Swaminathan Gounden is one of the few remaining political activists and was instrumental with the Freedom Charter. Gounden was the executive of the Natal Indian Congress in the 1970’s. He is also the author and co-author of several articles and books on community struggles and trade unionisim. It was an honour to have Mr Swaminathan Gounden with us .